UPDATE:  Looks like we can get underway, and deal with glitches as we go.  We’ll be updating on a Tu-Th schedule, and plan to start on Sept 18, 2012.

Welcome to Three Minute Max –Crisis Strike – a fun new project by Detonation Films!

Bob (that’s me) is the writer; Max is the artist. We’re father and son.  He’s the talented one; I’m the cute one with gray hair.  We’ve each done plenty of work on our own, but this is our first time collaborating.   We’re glad you’ve stopped by, and hope you enjoy the ride!

As we get into the story, you may notice a number of “real” effects used in the comic — what the hell, we make ‘em, why not use ‘em?  So wherever possible, the gunfire, blood, explosions, flames, sparks and smoke are real — although we always have Max’s abilities to alter them to match the comic style or if need be, simply create his own.  That’s coming up though — stay tuned!