Here is something that happens around here:

My wife and I will be having a Quiet Evening, which means we will be in our chairs with Lildogz asleep in various laps.

At which point Zoe the cat will saunter in, very casually, and stroll around the room, acting nonchalant.  But we will notice that Lildogz, while they will not have moved or stirred, are watching her carefully from slitted eyes, while still pretending to be fast asleep.

And this will go on for minutes and minutes, with everything perfectly peaceful and yet the tension building and building…

And then, as though there was some prearranged signal to which we are not privy, everything suddenly explodes.  Zoe will abruptly  streak across the room while both dogs simultaneously rocket from our laps and give chase, and we will leap up yelling because dog toenails HURT, dammit, and drinks will be spilled and there will be barking and hissing and crashing furniture.

And then suddenly it will be OVER. The dogs corner Zoe, and she hisses at them, and they get these expressions of oh, okay, guess we’re done, and come slouching back to our laps, and Zoe washes her face.

But we do not find it as much fun as they obviously do.


I shall also note that (as I write this) it is Father’s Day here in our part of the world. Since this comic is created by a father-son team, I feel we’re entitled to make special mention of that fact today.

It is also a good time to note that my own father was (along with his many other sterling qualities) an excellent source of technical information. And were he still with us, he would probably have been contributing to this comic as well.  Three generations — now that would have been cool.

Happy Father’s Day.

— Bob out