Whoops!  Looks like ya lost yer grip there.


The above title was the line I had originally scripted for this page, and I had intended it to go in Panel One.  Max Teh Artist kicked up a fuss about this, saying it was too much dialogue for a single action panel and you wouldn’t be able to hear it over the gunshot anyway.

He’s so literal.

Now of course, I myself have been known to gripe about Marvel’s own time-compressed dialogue, such as a heroic character explaining just where the villain slipped up and allowed said heroic character to track them down to their hidden lair and deliver a Righteous Punch of Justice; all of which dialogue takes place during the single aforementioned wallop. But I had come to accept it as part and parcel of Ye Comic Universe, so of course I waxed most indignant when my pencil-grunt began throwing editorial opinion around.

I get no respect.

As I recall, I sent him some alternative dialogue that was basically a long paragraph lifted directly from The Art of War, but he did not find this amusing.

He was apparently trying to justify his position to his brother John, who was in his office at the time, and in the midst of this unseemly rant his brother glanced at the rough sketch and suggested: “Hands off.”  I like to think that he was saying the artist should stick to scribbles and leave prose to the professionals, but Max seized upon this and put it in Panel Two, and I am forced to confess I prefer it myself.

John does not often make suggestions, but when he does, they are generally worth heeding. It is his job, during pyro shoots, to keep an eye on me for signs of frenzy or manic intensity or a propensity to go BWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! and quietly interject the pre-agreed-upon code phrase: “Are you sure we’re not about to do something stupid?

At which point I take a deep breath and agree to scale something back, or at least make sure the fire extinguisher is nearby.

So anyway, this page is even more of a family collaboration than most. We attempted to get my wife’s input as well to round things out, but she just said it was disgusting.

— Bob out

Artist’s Notes:

I would have preferred no dialogue at all on this page, but I certainly do have an affinity for the great one-liners of the classic 80’s action flicks, so I’m glad compromise was able to be made.  

I basically wrote the action for this page anyway- if I recall correctly, the original script had Roland shut the back door, and Fynch just drive the armored car away.  But since I was actually drawing the damn thing, and consequently needed to work out all the mechanics and staging, it occurred to me that the door couldn’t be shut yet, because the it was blocked by the crashed sedan and crushed guard.  So they had to drive away first, and then shut the door.  But what about the crushed guard?  And the suitcase he was handcuffed to?  They would likely be dragged a few feet and then fall into the street as the car drove away… Roland wouldn’t just let that happen, that’s his loot after all.  Maybe could slam the door shut on the guard’s hand and save the suitcase.  But that would be inelegant, visually, and out of character.  

So, what’s the quickest, evilest way to save the suitcase?  Fucking blow the guard’s hand off in one shot.  Quality of decision, and all.  -Max


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