And… breathe.


Yep, as we get into this next story, we’re going to be switching to a weekly update schedule (Mondays) for a while.

We’ve got no lack of story — it’s been scripted well into the next year — but given the amount of work Max puts in on these pages — and the fact that he’s in hot demand for commercial work that pays him a lot more than I can — we figure a Monday update schedule is something that we can steadily maintain.  It’ll allow us to continue these adventures while still letting a newly-married young man do enough commercial work to keep the bills handled.

This next story is one where I really started getting into doing effects specifically for the comic.  I do effects anyway – in fact, when I see a clear blue sky, I tend to refer to it as a “Chroma Sky” and itch to blow things up against it – but these tend to be fairly generic. They’re designed to stay in frame as much as possible and be useful, but not specific.

With this episode, Max began sending over the roughs so I’d have advance notice of what would be needed, and I could do effects that would fit the shot for the one frame that we’d need them, even though they’d ultimately go completely out of frame and be useless for other purposes. But that didn’t matter – these were made for the comic itself.

And since it involved a lot of fire and black smoke – (one of my specialties; since I worked with kids, I developed special proprietary black smoke formulas that are non-toxic and don’t smell) – I got myself seriously sooty for this one.

Do enjoy.

— Bob out