So, um, yeah. Some fire here. You may have noticed. One of those criminal plans that actually utilizes the armored aspect of the target vehicle as an inherent component rather than just an obstacle.

There’s a lot of effects fire here — I have been building up quite the library these days — but Max-the-artist has these skills with Photoshop (actually, I think he mainly uses Illustrator) which allow him to give the fire and smoke a “painted” aspect. We must get him to do a behind-the-scenes writeup or vid demonstrating his process. (Without spoilers, of course.)

Of course, as with all magicians, he may not wish to reveal his secrets. I’ll ask him, though.


Let’s Cook


Like most sensible people in the word, I am a fan of Kate Beaton’s Hark A Vagrant comic. It has not been updating much lately, hopefully because she is actively becoming rich and famous. But I am going to swipe a small segment of one of my favorites, because I think it so clearly illustrates the working relationship of Max and I.

This is one of the few comics I think she actually did twice.  She apparently jammed out the first one while dead tired about five minutes before bed, and thought it was dumb (in fact she wrote that in the margin) but it must have been popular with enough people besides myself because she did a much tidier version later.

I like the original better. I don’t know why, but it just has more… something. Canadianess, maybe  The tidier version is not bad, but it lacks panache. Kind of like American remakes of successful foreign movies, TV shows, etc.

So yeah, this is sort of how Max and I work if you imagine the lower Viking is drawing on that pad. And that pad is actually a Cintiq. And they are communicating via the Norse Internet, possibly powered by lutefisk. And if (biggest stretch of all) you imagine that I could actually manage to grow a beard like that.

But Max and I do have quite a decent back-and-forth creative process developing now. I write something. He reads it over, makes comments. I alter some stuff. He starts sketching. I get excited by the sketches and go off to set things on fire. He sends me a rough. I stick effects in it and also find things he has done that I like so I change what I was originally going put as dialogue into something new. He takes all that and melds it into something even better. And so forth. It’s how we cook.

On a related note he also, being younger and hipper, tries to clue me in to trending awesomeness, such as the Breaking Bad finale which will be airing riiiight about when this comic and blog gets posted.  I’m way behind on that show and don’t have a TV anyway — when I want to watch shows I just spin my computer around to face the armchair and bring up Hulu or Netflix. So the Ultimate Denouement of Walter White will have to happen without me. But I’m sure it will be good.

BTW, I am also jealous of Bryan Cranston’s ability to grow a kick-ass goatee.

–Bob out