I really really wanted to contribute some flames to this page but Max-the-artist had a specific look he was going for and insisted on doing them himself.

He’s so mean.





It was noticed that last week’s update got about three times as many “Likes” as any previous update. It might just be an audience fondness for Max’s skill in creating flame artwork, or it might be that my accompanying blog post had an actual touch of political significance rather than my usual rambling reflections on the fine art of igniting toys.

If it was the latter, don’t worry. Won’t be making a habit of it. If there is anything I’ve noticed over the years, it is that the stronger my feelings are on almost any given subject, the more likely it is that I am completely full of shit. This is especially true of most large-scale news stories, where I’ve come to accept that I’m either being manipulated, lied to, or simply not given complete information. I can either get really upset or I can just sort of back off and see what happens, and I notice that either way, the results are about the same. The only difference is my stress level, and if I really wanted to get worked up over something that I have no control over and which does not care one whit about my opinion, I would watch sports or something.

Some people enjoy it, sure, and more power to them. They love to watch the news and get really angry about things and write furious Facebook posts about them — or maybe just “Share” someone else’s writeup, because doing actual writeups themselves interferes with their wallowing-in-vitriol time. I have friends like this, on both sides of the political spectrum. They are good to have, because I feel they generate more than enough rage for both of us, and while they are boosting their blood pressure and spraying spittle all over their screens, I can get on with doing something that I actually have control over, like trimming a hedge or making sure my comic updates on time.

— Bob out