buttontitle1UPDATE!  Just in time for Christmas, we have a special offering for the die-hard Marissa fans:  The Marissa Christmas Special!  Head on over to Max-the-Artist’s gumroad page and check it out!

Max-the-Artist himself was very inspired by his wife Julie’s obsession passion for Christmas decorations and rituals- and so he lovingly crafted a tale depicting how our lovely Marissa also expresses herself this holiday season.

3 full comic pages of All-New, All Marissa, limited edition goodness.  It’s a sexy, fun, hilariously festive romp!  What did Santa bring Marissa this year? There’s only one way to find out!



Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!

(end shameless plug)      Marissa’s Christmas Special will return for the next winter hiatus in Dec ’16.



Woohoo! I have to admit I giggled like the fanboy I am when this appeared in the mailbox. Max and Sophie spending Christmas with Moth’s Taylor, Ziggy, and one of Taylor’s Interference Demons. Of course this is how it would go. I especially love the discomfited expression on Sophie’s face; and Ziggy’s culinary skills are already well-established.

You might be able to tell I’m already an avid follower of Kat Rush’s quirky, occasionally animated webcomic MothFor those wishing footnotes, Taylor (cheerfully eating a charcoal cookie) is the escaped subject of some unethical scientific experiments involving mental powers. She’s on the run, can read minds and has some other gifts, but because her brain keeps trying to invent visuals for signals it doesn’t understand, she is haunted by “interference demons” which are likely supernatural entities and/or her own buried insecurities that Taylor’s brain is struggling to comprehend. And Ziggy is a strange but friendly swamp witch.

So this makes for an absolutely delightful Christmas get-together! I had to do some cropping on the art to get it to fit our page format – I can’t change the page layout without breaking the archives, but I think the cropping worked fairly well. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Moth yet, check it out!

I’ve also posted an uncropped version below the jump.

Just like last year, this was part of the Collective of Heroes “Secret Santa” art exchange, with the theme this year being a “crossover” between the participating artist’s webcomic and whichever comic was drawn in the lottery. Max-the-Artist also did some crossover art for the webcomic Wonder Weenies – pop over to their site to take a look, or I’ve included a sized-down version below the jump!


Arts and stuff below!


Here’s the uncropped version of the 3MM/Moth crossover art. Adorbs!



And here’s Max’s WW/3MM crossover art!



And finally, for those who were interested in the last panel of our previous page as clean wallpaper-art, that is also now available on Max’s Gumroad site. Donations welcome (and a Merry Christmas t’ye, guvner) but not required!



Happy Holidays to everyone – and Max should have a 3-page “Marissa’s Christmas” Special Issue available soon as well!