I always figured part of the fun of doing comics was making up the sound effects.  From Nightcrawler’s signature “BAMF!” (which I still suspect was inspired by Walt Kelly’s Pogo strip in which an exploding football made that sound along with a puff of steam) to American Flagg‘s PAPAPAPA-OOO-MOW-MOW gunfire and of course that old standby for anything large and dangerous hitting the ground: DOOM.  

But as it turns out, the writer doesn’t get a whole lot of input into the onomatopoeia.  At least this writer doesn’t.  I’m always full of helpful suggestions, but Max puts what he feels is appropriate at 3AM when he is finalizing things.  Part of the problem may be that he’s my son — dismissing my opinions out-of-hand is an automated response in offspring.

But it must be admitted that I kind of like his choice of GZSHK.  Says it all, really.

Whoops!  Forgot that it’s already past midnight on the US East Coast!  Update time!