BAM! We are back!

And drawing blood, apparently.

Normally this cover page would have been cropped down a bit; all our pages have a certain amount of “bleed” area (haw!) for eventual print purposes. But in this case I thought Max-the-artist had done such an intense job I’m posting it edge-to-edge.

New year, new episode!

This is gonna be fun.


And more below!



Express Delivery


Hope everyone had a good Festive Season! Did you go to the mall? Me neither.

During the holidays I overheard my wife on the phone telling a friend “Yes, we’re having an Amazon Christmas this year.” And we did, too. The house resounded with the comfortable sound of clicking, and those familiar brown-and-black boxes started arriving on the porch via Two-Day Shipping. I have to admit that I’ve grown so accustomed to those boxes symbolizing “neat stuff inside” that they’ve become almost festive via Pavlovian response. My son John in Seattle definitely felt that way. The brown boxes with their black tape would arrive and he’d toss them directly under the tree. He sent a picture, and you know what? Kinda works.

I actually sprung for Amazon wrapping with my wife’s gifts, but all that meant was the Amazon elves shoved the gift in a blue box, slapped on a lid, and shoved that into a brown box before sealing it up. If they’d just used blue boxes and white tape for the shipping in the first place, they could have saved a step as far as I was concerned.

Heck, give me another year and I’ll join my younger son in believing that brown-and-black are the True Colors of Christmas. Anything that keeps me from having to leave the house. Moon colonies? Flying cars? Pfft. To me, the Future has become living and working my entire life in a pair of increasingly stained boxer shorts. We’re almost there!

— Bob out


Speaking of Christmas, there’s still one more present left under the tree-  the Marissa Christmas Special! It’s available for just one more week; it’s going away on Jan 18th and won’t be back until winter hiatus in December.  Enjoy one last holiday treat this winter season- even if you have been naughty.  Check it out!    Marissa’s Christmas Special will return for the next winter hiatus in Dec ’16.