Armed thugs, no problem. A ticked-off fitness instructor? That’s tougher to handle.

Of course, no one likes being disturbed by strangers at the door, but Ms. Catherine Rickett seems to have a particular beef with our hero. And the chops to show it.

Max-The-Artist had some fun with the expressions on this page. And Bob got to do a flying-spittle effect, using the same techniques as the blood stuff on the previous page but a lot easier to clean up afterward. Yay!

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Knocking The Knocker


Ms. Rickett’s reaction above may be a bit extreme in its physicality, but it can hardly be denied that in this day and age, showing up at someone’s door unannounced and in person is considered at the very least somewhat thoughtless, if not downright rude.  Unless it’s an emergency, or you somehow lost your Pocket Internet/Voice/Video/Texting device on the way over, anyone showing up at my door unexpectedly is going to be greeted with a decided curtness, assuming I bother to even answer.

Sure, it might be someone I actually want to show up, like a parcel delivery person, but I’ve signed all those signature-waivers that let them leave packages on my porch, so they generally don’t even press the doorbell. No point anyway; I took the batteries out of it two years ago. It’s reached the point where anyone at my door actively trying to get me to open it is almost certainly no one I want to see. Door-to-door salespeople are few and far between these days (I think that job’s been rendered more-or-less obsolete) but there’s still an occasional “kid from the neighborhood” (actually dropped off via white van) who claims to live “over on Hillhurst” and would I like to buy some raffle tickets? Funny how they never have a driver’s license with their address on them at the time.

Oh, and there will always be folks armed with religious documents wishing to discuss the condition of my soul. I know they mean well, but I want them to go away so I can go back to playing with my flamethrower.

So yeah, knocking unannounced just isn’t cool any more. Heck, I’ve been running errands, discovered I’m in the neighborhood of an old friend, and I’ve parked in front of his house to call and say something like “Hey, I’m gonna be in your area, wanna get lunch?” If he says yes, I say I’ll be right over and stall for a few moments before getting out. If he says he can’t – drive on. It’s only polite. You’ve probably done the same.

But while I am secure in my hermitude, Max-The-Artist has taken a completely different, more high-tech approach. He’s installed a video doorbell that rings on his phone whenever anyone presses it, so that it doesn’t matter if he’s inside at his desk or someplace more distant – like Paris – he can see and speak to whomever is at the door. And, of course, politely tell them to go away.

Because that’s what most of us do when strangers knock, these days.

Unless you’re Ms. Catherine Rickett, apparently. She takes a more direct approach. Pow!

— Bob out

Artist’s Notes —  This month’s Vote Incentive started out as a fun, old-fashioned pen and ink sketch, as you can see below!  I certainly could do with some more traditionally sketching like this; it’s a lot of fun.

As a side benefit, I’ve got an original physical piece of artwork lying around now, so for fun I’m going to raffle it off as a prize: everyone who goes to this Gumroad store page link and donates $1 between Midnight Oct 2 and Midnight, Oct 31 2016 (EST) gets a “ticket” to the raffle IN ADDITION to the Hi-Res download of this month’s Vote Incentive, “Night Flight.”  Only one entry per person, please.

I’ll pay for shipping myself and mail it First Class to the lucky winner in the first week of November.  I’ll address any questions in the comments section below.  Good luck!  — Max


Bonus! Turns out there’s some fun preliminary sketches on the back of the drawing, so the winner gets those too!