Ref: Triquetra first appearance.

Yes, the size is different; we were still being cautious about being too obvious back then – I’d been afraid if we made it too large we might as well just stick one of those “Monty Python” pointing finger overlays right on the image. However, now that it is coming into play it’s been enlarged. Comic magic!

I really debated whether or not to have Marissa reference the show Charmed, which also used the triquetra symbol prominently, but the idea that she’d gravitate toward Ninja Leprechauns instead just seemed like more fun.

And yes! A new page! Sporadic as ever, but they’re happening.  AND NEW VOTE INCENTIVE!!!

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Witchy Woman


I actually have a couple of self-declared witches/wiccans/people with black fingernail polish in my immediate family, both male and female, so I do have people I could consult as we get into this part of the story. However, I tend to shy away from doing that, since they’ll probably just tell me I’m doing it wrong. And then turn me into a frog or something. I think it’s been mentioned before that I am not much for religion, but I do tend to have an insane passel of superstitious beliefs. A lot of my effects work involves putting up high ladders, right? Not once in my whole life have I ever walked under one, even if going around meant stepping in mud or squeezing past thorn bushes. My family will testify that I keep a block of wood in the door pocket of my car, simply so I will have some wood to knock on if I even think a statement bordering on optimistic. I had to buy all the same color socks, because when I used to have socks that were different colors I swiftly developed “lucky socks” and “evil socks” and getting dressed started to get really complicated.

So while I might carefully and respectfully query some of my incense-wafting relatives about a nuance or two, I’ll probably try not to bother them too much. Wouldn’t want to upset anyone. Even though I don’t actually believe any of that stuff is real or anything.


— Bob – who could totally pitch a ninja leprechaun animated series