Page finally inked and colored! Just in time for the holidays.

We cut back to our hero’s vehicle, which is still attracting attention. Despite the cautionary presence of prior human detritus left scattered by its owner.

By the way, also just in time for the holidays – the Marissa Christmas Special is available once more! Because nothing says “Christmas” like a sweet slice of cheesecake!


And more below!


Stunning Work


I’ll keep the babble short this time, since we have pretty pictures to look at. First off, we have some incredible 3MM/Countdown “Fan Art” by Dan Butcher of Vanguard! Love his brutal style (and also his judicious use of “Bob’s Bundle” effects!) Thanks so much, Dan!



And also (as in the past couple of years) the Collective of Heroes had a “Secret Santa” art exchange, in which the participating artists did fairly simple “one-card” style sketches of another artist’s work. Thus we got this fun 3MM-themed Christmas card from Shane Rivett of “Heroes of the World and Beyond.”



While our own Max-The-Artist did this sketch card for Barry Linck’s “Phineus!”



If you’d like to see all the participating artists’ images. you can find them here:

And yes, Max and I have already roughed out the next page. Now to just get it inked and colored! Sounds like a New Year’s resolution to me.

— Bob out