Hey look! Weapons!

And if you think you’re glad to see a new page up…

Eighteen months. Eighteen months of dread and feeling helpless and having to stay home and wash our hands constantly because we were terrified of getting sick while Kiki was neutropenic. Wearing gloves and masks all the time and sanitizing surfaces. Living isolated from the rest of the world and stocking up on supplies when we did venture out. Eighteen months of self-enforced quarantine. But now, at last, finally, we can —


So, yeah. We hope you are doing well in these trying times.

Kiki, right at the moment, has been declared cancer-free. She is growing her hair back. She’ll be having scans every three months, so we are always going to worry, but for right now they are clear. She had to go back to the hospital for a month because of some intestinal blockage caused by scar tissue, but she is out again. Just in time for Covid 19.

So we still don’t have any idea what our schedule might be. Same as basically the rest of the world. But we’ll push onward.

At least we have toilet paper.

And all of us here at #teamkiki would like to thank you, and everyone, for your donations, prayers, positive vibes, and well-wishes.

Now let’s do it. Let’s get through this Coronavirus thing like heroes.

With or without rocket boots.

— Bob out


In the meantime, because Max-the-Artist is working long hours at his Day Job maintaining (among other things) the necessary health insurance, we’re going to simply declare ourselves “on hiatus” and just update when we can. Which, from the look of things, will be every few months. Apparently one side effect of the virus is that commercial ad work actually becomes busier, since companies are desperate to get consumers back out there spending money!

Vote Incentive! One of the shows I got hooked on during Kiki’s hospitalization was “Cells At Work.” A surprisingly accurate (given that it uses anthropomorphized cells) but entertaining (and extremely violent) look at our bodies’ bloodstream and defense system. Episode 7 (“Cancer”) especially hit home. And who couldn’t love the Platelets? But a perpetual favorite was hard-working if often flummoxed Red Blood Cell AE3803. Who just happens to be a redhead! So check out Marissa’s latest cosplay!