A few of the projects that have had Max so buried lately! Naturally, these projects went through about nine million storyboard changes each (I’ve witnessed how fried Max looks at the end of each day) but the boards turned out great and so did the final results. 

First, a new “Kevin the Carrot” ad for Aldi, a supermarket chain in the UK.


And also a new Minecraft promo.



Maybe I’ve been watching too much anime (like that’s possible) but given Japan’s apparent fondness for exorcist-type heroes and harem shows, I’m sort of expecting they’ll eventually have a series in which the MC is a clueless nebbish exorcist-in-training who – over the course of the series – ends up collecting a half-dozen gorgeous female spirits with the usual assortment of personality tropes.

Oh, who am I kidding. They’ve probably done it already.

As for Letoa, she’s already starting to assert herself within the group. She is, after all, the only one to have faced Countdown (albeit briefly) in person. And with a Spirit Guide to boot. But as Scales is quick to point out, that still doesn’t mean she knows all the answers.


And more below!



The Investigators

I think it’s part of our collective wishful thinking (at least here in the US) that there are actually brilliant teams of investigative types working to keep us all safe, no matter what. That if a homeless man is found dead on federal land the entire Bones team of the Jeffersonian Institute will throw themselves heart and soul into uncovering his killer, budget be damned. It’s nice to think so, though I remember my neighbor the Cop-Next-Door remarking that while he was a big fan of CSI-type shows, he himself, during his thirty years on the force, had never actually seen a CSI team show up to a crime scene.

They were probably too busy trying on sunglasses and rehearsing one-liners.

In any case, even amongst my more distant circle of acquaintances, there have been a couple of murders – or at least pretty damn suspicious deaths – and we all know who did it, and more than a few said so to the police, and yet – nothing. Admittedly there wasn’t really evidence that would hold up in court, and supposedly both cases are still “under investigation,” but still. From what we can gather there was nothing like a thorough sweep of the crime scene; no careful measurements of blood splatter or careful dusting for fingerprints. Just a cursory writeup of a “possible accident” or “robbery gone wrong” and everything more or less shelved.

It’s enough to make someone want to become a vigilante.

And yet, there must be some real hotshots out there. When Jihadi John was happily slicing people’s heads off on Youtube, he was so wrapped in black fabric that nothing was visible but his eyelashes. Despite that, a slew of high-tech investigative cleverness used his height, speech, skin tone, stance, and movements to not only identify him as a former British IT worker but also to hit him with a drone strike. Of course that involved the help of MI5 and Scotland Yard, but still. Those kind of investigators are out there. They do exist. And we’ll assume that the UD3 are among their ranks. Especially now that Letoa is part of them.

First step will be trying on sunglasses.

— Bob out

NEW: Max the artist has attempted to a “process GIF” of this page which may or may not amuse:

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