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Dear everyone:

This is difficult to even type.

Max-The-Artist’s 15-month-old daughter Kiki has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. She’s in a Pediatrics Oncology ward now and we’re all scared to death. This is a bad one. Chemo, radiation, stem cells, surgery; it is all happening. My wife and I are completely devastated. Naturally, we will be helping in every way we can.

Max and I are not stopping the comic but we do have to put it on hold for an extended period of time while Kiki’s treatment is going on. I’ve posted a rough of the comic page that was in progress when this calamity suddenly disrupted our lives, and we want to thank everyone who has been following the story. It is our fervent hope that 3MM will be able to continue once we adjust to whatever our lives become during treatment and beyond.

If you can spare us some good thoughts, we’d be grateful, but we especially want to thank YOU for being there for us all this time.

Good thoughts are all we request, but should you wish to do more, Kiki’s aunt set up a donation page for those wishing to help. You can find that here:

And again, our thanks for being part of our “extended family” thus far. We truly appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Bob and Max Forward

UPDATE: Stem cell therapy underway. You can follow Kiki’s progress by going to the GFM page and clicking on “Updates” for the latest news (I can’t seem to find a way to link it directly.) Thank you for your thoughts and support during all this.

UPDATE 2019-05-19

Max worked on this page an hour here, a few minutes there, whenever he could. And now, almost a year later, it is finished at last.

With Kiki’s cancer battle still being fought, we still don’t know when (if ever) our lives will be getting back to normal. But Kiki is being a brave little girl through all this, and we greatly appreciate your patience. She’s had chemo, surgery, radiation, stem cell therapy, and is currently undergoing immunotherapy – which sounds mild, but some of it is unfortunately quite painful. Nevertheless, she is being a total champ.

Since our last update, Max-The-Artist has become an official member of the Art Director’s Guild, busted his ass to qualify for their health plan, and thankfully most of his clients stepped up to assist him. We are grateful to them, to you, and to everyone who has stayed with us as we continue to deal with Kiki’s ongoing situation.

And just to end on a lighter note, here’s another of the projects Max worked on. Enjoy!