The day may come when someone actually does remote-command a gang of thugs via mobile video conferencing. From what I can gather it wouldn’t even be hard, which is why even someone like Fynch could set up a fairly basic system like this. Though I bet if someone actually tries it for real they’ll end up bitching about “lag” and “freeze” and probably have to reboot at least two of the smartphones in the process. Plus, I’m not sure any of the current apps let you use the rear camera, but that’ll probably be part of an upgrade if it isn’t already.

Max is listed as a “John Doe” in the records because the EMTs didn’t find a wallet in his pocket (it had fallen down the interior of his blood-soaked jacket) and they figured there was no rush since he was dead anyway. It was discovered later after he revived himself a couple of times, but by then Dr. Rhodes had taken charge. And Virgil Cicerone stepped in to keep our hero incognito.

As usual, Fynch’s diverse group of nasties are way too trigger-happy. Not that Fynch cares about killing people per se, but after that display it’s going to be hard to get any of the other hostages to cooperate much.


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Pulling Triggers


Up until now, the two people shot by our assailants could – to a certain extent – be mentally excused by the audience. I mean, it was still murder, but Dr. Rhodes had punched one of the thugs, and the guy bitching about his glasses was being annoying. You know. Practically asking for it.

But here we have a nice innocent nurse who is scared and trying to cooperate, and she still gets shot in the head. There are actually some minor story reasons for it (those to be revealed later) but the main reason is so that we as an audience can now really dislike Red Headwrap and his cohorts. And of course Fynch by extension. This (as I’ve mentioned before) is a deliberate author ploy, allowing the gloves to come off as far as payback later on. Yep. Blatant triggering of the audience’s emotions.

But even though I know how it works, and I even do it myself, that doesn’t mean I’m immune to it. On the contrary. You’d think that I would be all desensitized to fictional atrocities, but in fact I still haven’t seen John Wick even though practically everyone assures me that the film is right up my alley. I’ve been resisting because my younger son warned me that the <SPOILER> gets killed early on, and while I understand perfectly well that this is done so that Mr. Wick can subsequently go on an absolute rampage, I’m still not sure I can take it.

What can I say? I have a tender, sensitive soul. You can probably tell.

Now on with the carnage.

— Bob out