For some reason Panel 4 makes me think of this:

Fynch usually isn’t the type to show much emotion when killing people, but I guess he just got caught up in the giddiness of the carnage. As one does.

This page’s script originally had Letoa steamrolling over everyone, but Max-the-artist felt it would be more interesting to put her somewhat on the defensive. I agreed, and we went with it. Letoa did start out trying to screw with the evidence, after all. It may have been zeal and a desire to stay involved, but having her confronted with it allows the rest of the UD3 to establish their own chops. Besides, she still has enough sass to recover quickly.

And yay, because now – no real spoilers – get to have some fun coming up. <knuckle cracks>


And more below!


Happy New Year!


2017 has been both busy and fun for Max-The-Artist and myself, what with a new addition to the family (now reaching the crawling stage, which is exhausting – apparently the most desirable and tasty-looking objects in the world are phone-charger plugs) and a good bit of Real-World work for both of us. Always nice to pay the bills, though Real-World Work does keep the comic on a sporadic “as often as we can” sort of schedule. Nonetheless, we’re grateful that you’ve been staying with us. Because doing the comic is fun. And more importantly for both of us, it is something we do together as father and son. It is ours.

I may have been working on a Netflix animated series during the year, but it wasn’t really mine. And I know that Max-The-Artist had at least one major project (a national commercial for a major soft-drink company) that despite all the long, brutal hours he put in on it and all the creativity and inspiration he added to the boards – may never even get aired. The Major Soft Drink Company does as many as five commercials simultaneously, going through all the stages of production… and at the end, picks the one they feel will best sell the product and tosses out the rest. Oh, everyone gets paid, sure – but when you really throw your heart and soul and time into a project, you want it to be seen. Even if it is just an advertisement for carbonated sugar water.

Max still doesn’t know whether his will be picked or not. But (as he has mentioned more than once) at least he has the comic. I feel the same way. For us, this is more than just a story we’re telling. It’s therapy.

Also an excuse to blow up toys occasionally.

Thanks for indulging us – and we hope you and yours have a great 2018!

— Bob out