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New Faces


The FBI has been making noises for years about moving to a new headquarters, but so far (as of this page publication) they haven’t done so. Probably because it would be too much hassle dealing with all the secret sub-basements. You know that guy Nantaje down in B-13? He says he likes his office right where it is.

It’s always tough moving to a new gig. There’s a bunch of new people and they already have an established pecking order and a way of doing things and you don’t know any of it. No matter what, you’re almost immediately going to step on someone’s toes. Plus there’s all these new names to learn. My wife and younger son are great with names – they meet people and file their names away instantly in some sort of mental database and never seem to forget them. Me, I can be shaking hands with a person who is introducing themselves and I’ll have completely forgotten their name by the time I let go. This is not a valuable social skill. Especially for a freelancer.

If I get called into a meeting with new people I try to compensate by writing their names down on a notepad as soon as I’m introduced. Sure, this is pathetically lame, but I’ve seen executive assistants do it, so I quickly adopted the method. When you’re a freelancer, or even just a new hire, nobody seems to think less of you for it. In fact, it sort of gives an impression of efficiency and organization. One still has to remember which name goes with which face, but at least there’s a starting point.

I’m sure Letoa doesn’t have that trouble. LEOs in general and detective/FBI agents in particular are probably used to remembering people. And it’s not like she hasn’t met most of the group before. Now it’s just a matter of establishing her Agency cred. Names are the easy part.

But not for me. I personally blame it on the fact that I spend most of my time alone in my office with my cat.

Ol’ Whatsitsname.

— Bob out