This is the art that Max did the for Collective of Heroes “Secret Santa” art exchange. It’s a tribute to the webcomic “Moth,” which I personally have been reading since its inception. It often features a small amount of Flash animation, which Kat Rush, the author/artist, has managed to utilize as a neat bonus without it actually being required to enjoy the comic.

“Moth” is strange, often surreal, but not random. The hero, Taylor Gray, is the escaped subject of some illegal human experimentation and has certain psychic abilities — but these abilities often cause her to doubt her own sanity. The strange people she encounters on her adventures certainly contribute to that uncertainty. Despite it all, Taylor’s a really good person, and doesn’t want to hurt anyone — but circumstances often push her right to the edge. If you are into slightly surreal storylines and loose, fluid artwork, you’ll find Moth well worth adding to your reading roster!

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— Bob