And we’re back!

We were going to jump right into the next story, but as you remember, our main character currently has a fractured ankle. Now that in and of itself is not a problem because we could just zip forward six weeks using the magic of Comic Book Time. But we are also dealing with Webcomic Time, which means we just spent a year and a half burning down City Hall. And while we wrapped that story up, there’s still a few things that would occur during Countdown’s recovery process that we’d rather not skip over.

Thus, we’re going to have a few pages of “Interludes.” You could also call them “Epilogues” or “Those cool stingers at the end of Marvel movies that get you to sit through the credits” but that would tie them directly to our previous episode, and we’d rather they were just little vignettes of their own. So, “Interludes.”

And this first one is Detective Letoa being read the riot act by a previously unknown division of the FBI. (Yes, part of the dialogue was inspired by commenter Gray Phantom.) Oh, she’s in trouble now.

Or is she? This is Letoa we’re talking about.

Stay tuned!

And hey, free comic! Check it out below!


Free Comic Book Day!


As you are probably aware, Three Minute Max is a proud member of the Collective of Heroes. The Collective is a diverse group of webcomic creators whose work has a heroic-type theme, be it serious, funny, or anything in between. You’ll find their banner in the sidebar just to the upper right over there.

This year, one of the members had the bright idea of creating a Collective comic to be given away on Free Comic Book Day, which is is Saturday, May 2, 2015 (year included in case you are reading this from the Future.) Kudos to Dan Butcher, Bill Walko, and Scott Bachmann for getting the whole thing together and making it happen!

It’s not Free Comic Book Day yet but we’re jumping the gun and making it available now. Spread out the bandwidth hammering a little. Dan did a sweet job of putting it together, and it gives you a nice retrospective of many of the Collective creators’ work.

And it’s free!

Here’s the cover, which is  a clickable link to download the book. It’s a walloping 150MB PDF even as a ZIP file, so if you get a “Service Unavailable” or something that just means the server’s swamped. Try later. Good luck!


It’ll be coming down after Free Comic Book Day, so get it before May 3rd!

-Bob out


Artist’s Notes:  Alright, finished artwork now posted.  Sorry for the delays.  It’ll never happen again…. ha!