Giant Girl shout-out!

Yeah, Doc Sharma is doing his best, but he doesn’t have a real good handle on the “being inconspicuous” part of his industrial spy side-gig.

Still, he has to deliver some goods occasionally. And in a world where the NSA is basically siphoning the entire Internet (whether they admit it or not) the best way for an industrial espionage ring to avoid having their illicit work intercepted and/or monitored on the Web — is to keep it off the internet altogether. These days, with tiny, durable flash drives approaching terabyte storage capacity, the good ol’ Sneakernet methodology of data transfer has once again become viable. You don’t have to get all Johnny Mnemonic wetware about it either. Stick some flash cards in a camera case along with a bunch of vacation photos and just have your courier travel to wherever they need to go and hand ’em over. Nobody at TSA will give ’em a second glance. It’s not the only method of secure transfer, but it is simple and reliable. You’d just need a safe-house or two at either end for drop-off and storage.

The only problem you might encounter is a noted criminal with a sudden interest in technological developments. As an underworld figure himself, an industrial espionage clearing-house wouldn’t be hard for him to find. And he might not bother negotiating. The result is a pretty ghastly sight, even for a doctor with battlefield trauma training.

Speaking of battles, if you missed your chance to see the new Vote Incentive last week because TWC was down for a bit — now’s your chance! This current cliffhanger page ends the Interludes section. No fear, the next episode is all scripted and Max is roughing the artwork, but we’re going to give him two weeks to get a jump on it. It’s always better if he’s got things fairly well laid out in advance. We’ve reached out to a couple of other webcomic artists for Guest Art, and if all goes well, we’ll continue to update with some fun imagery (probably of Marissa) during this brief hiatus.

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Big Shout-Out!


This page was always intended to have the Doc in a trench coat and fedora; initially I had planned to make “Secret Squirrel” and/or “Agent Carter” jokes. But then I realized that one of the webcomics I’ve started reading regularly — Giant Girl — has the title character in a trench coat and fedora. So it seemed fitting for a shout-out. Especially since Sabrina Pandora, the writer, has decided that Giant Girl will be losing her trademark hat, at least for a while.

Giant Girl is a fairly new addition to my reading list; I’m still working my way through the archives. It’s a tongue-in-cheek larger-than-life (ha!) adventure comic, so it’s got a certain amount of the expected superhero spoofiness, wisecracks, and property damage, along with (as might be expected when the main character occasionally has an entire city looking up her dress) some surprisingly tasteful cheesecake.

But the thing that, for me, really sets it apart from other superhero stories is the unexpected twinges of poignancy mixed in with all the humor. I’m used to superheroes being noble. I’m used to superheroes being angry. I’m used to superheroes getting all angsty and dark and introspective.

But I’ve rarely encountered a superhero who, on occasion, is just flat-out ashamed of herself.  It’s such a human thing, and it really makes you feel for her. Ronni Kane (Giant Girl) occasionally just goes too far, and she has the decency to feel bad about it afterward. Somebody pisses her off by being rude, she might get all huge and crush their car. Nobody hurt, but cars are expensive, and while the comic does indicate that most people have Giant Girl riders on their insurance these days, it was still an over-reaction on her part. It’s not like they can sue her — there’s already a line a mile long and she doesn’t have much money anyway. She just wrecked somebody’s property because they irritated her and because she could, and you know what? I bet if people actually had superpowers, that kinda thing would happen a lot more often than it does in most comic books.

I know for certain that I’d do something like that. I already have a long list of dickish things I’ve done even without superpowers, and they’re always sort of there, in the back of my mind, as part of the Ever-Growing List Of Things I Will Eventually Be Paying For In Hell. So I can empathize with Ronni. The strip may be funny, but she still puts the human in superhuman.

Giant Girl. I’m enjoying it. You might too.

— Bob out

Artist’s Notes:

I made a “process” video for this comic page, and put it on youtube, check it out!  It’s 10.5 hours of work distilled down to 6 minutes, and it’s pretty cool.  Enjoy! – Max