Countdown’s “Deadvision” kicks in!

We generally restrict the Deadvision to ghosts, spirits, and auras; but in this case Hayes’ delusions are so strong they bleed over into Deadvision range. Besides, Sophie’s here. Sophie’s presence allows us to justify practically anything.

Especially in that outfit.

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Creative Frenzy


Max-The-Artist and I have begun to work out a fairly effective method of collaboration, primarily using gChat. Often I have a fairly clear idea of what I’d like to show on a page, and while I’m not the best at verbally communicating it, Max has worked with plenty of other equally vague art directors.

Besides, it’s gChat. I can make faces. And I do. Max even asks me to hold them for a moment while he gets them down; though I sometimes suspect he’s just seeing how long he can make me look like an idiot.

But this page — this is all him. My only contribution was: “It’s like a shared hallucination by Edvard Munch and Hieronymus Bosch.” Along with a request that there be no humanoid-looking demons so we wouldn’t give the impression that anyone or anything was directly causing the vision other than Hayes’s own mind. Oh, and that the boy was shielded so we wouldn’t have to deal with whether he could see it or not. The auditory hallucinations I could add, but the visuals were up to Max.

And he comes back with this impressively ghastly, twisted, yet somehow tragic vision of mental Hell.

Under the circumstances, I thought I’d let him expound on how he took the concept and ran with it.

– Bob out

Artist’s Notes:  I ran all right… ran the hell outta time to think of anything else!  Ha!  I wish I had a more inspiring story behind this artwork- I pretty much went with the first thing that I knew would work and could execute in the 12 hours I could spare this week.  In this case, I felt the visual of seeing Hayes’ ears being stretched and twisted open, with icky shouldermouths barking orders, and a ravenous puckered maw slurping up his brains, would get the message across- our man Hayes has seen better days.  

My apologies for last week’s skip- I had to put in extra time on a storyboarding project.  I really appreciate everyone voting for us nonetheless, and vote incentive artworks will continue to be a high priority as we continue.