Yeah, the Captain gets the fun of dealing with Scales, who apparently just rubs people the wrong way. As stated in an earlier post, this episode is taking place only a short time after the previous one, so Letoa is still going through Quantico.

And Hayes is definitely under some strain. A bad situation and the alcohol’s sure not helping. Especially the way he’s currently using it.

On an unrelated note, it just so happens that a reader did send me a scale model Dodge Daytona.



UPDATE: I did some fan art for “Out Of My Element” which they have posted today. The character LaGuerre is a Fire Elemental and I thought it might be interesting to try creating what is essentially a Balrog. So Alli Perry sent me her original line art and I had fun decorating it with flame and photos of igneous rock. Check it out!

More below!


Making Things Difficult


The flames on this page were easy. A choked-off roofing torch, starved of oxygen and with the safety bypassed so it spewed yellow-orange flame instead of a blue jet. Shot a ton of good footage in 4K that’ll probably keep me occupied for a while.

The part that was hard was the whole subject matter. Without allowing spoilers – yeah, we’re going there. We know it’s tough, but we had to do it. It would be so nice to just have evil mercenary-terrorist bad guys all the time, but in real life, this kind of tragic situation does happen. And in a town where jobs are hard to find anyway, a guy with Hayes’ issues and record could really get pushed to the edge. And I think we can count on Max’s artwork to make us feel it.

So we do invite you to hang in there. We may not have any good answers, but we’ll at least try to give the situation some interesting 3MM twists!

Oh, and I might mention that at the same time I’m doing this story, I’m also doing a bit of writing for a pre-school children’s concept. Let me tell you, bouncing from that to something like this is a real mindbender at times. I’m not complaining, of course; it keeps me mentally limber. But considered purely as a change of pace, it’s enough to give a guy whiplash.

Or maybe, y’know, get desperate enough to toss down a cocktail.



– Bob out