Way to throw a flag there, Captain.

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Happy Father’s Day


I swear, Max and I didn’t actually plan for this page to be posted on Father’s Day. That’s just how it worked out. Technically, of course, this is a Monday update. But because of time zones it’ll be going up at 9PM Sunday night here in Los Angeles, so Father’s Day it is. And somebody’s not getting a #1 DAD coffee mug from which to swill their Jack this year.

Since this particular comic is a father-son collaboration, it’s worth at least mentioning the day, despite the current page giving it an unintentionally dark element. My own Father’s Day was slightly subverted this year by it happening to fall on my wife’s birthday, so that of course took precedence. Both boys did send me nice messages, but John lives and works in Seattle, and Max was tending to assignments while getting this page done. So my Father’s Day gift was just knowing that both boys are grown, doing just fine on their own, and wishing me well. And man, when you’re a dad, that’s always the goal you’re shooting for.

Of course Max and I communicate all the time anyway because of this comic. I may have mentioned that we’ve been using gChat to rough out the pages lately, a process which we’ll have to record sometime, because damn he’s good. He can see me in the monitor, and I can see his digital workspace. I say brilliant and insightful things like: “I was thinking something kinda tilty so the kid will look really tiny and frightened and the dad will look all scary and dominant” and he’ll jam out a rough for Panel 2 there. I wave my hands around acting like the police chief and he jams out Panel 3. I swear we can get through a page in 20 minutes. Looks like this:



He tidies it into something like this:



and about all I do is add the balloons and suggest that the gun be a Jimenez JA9 because it fits the situation (cheap, desperate) better. And the final page comes back looking like gangbusters up there.

John used to help me blow stuff up; now Max and I are doing a comic together.

Awesome. Happy Father’s Day to me.


— Bob out