Cool teamwork! And Max-The-Artist having fun with the light and shadow on top of all the effects.

Figures that Crisis Strike HQ would be a place with some liquid nitrogen on hand. And while it’s not quite as ideal as CO2 for firefighting (since it remains a liquid as long as it’s cold enough) that doesn’t prevent our pair of on-site science geeks from spontaneously generating a down-and-dirty delivery mechanism. A little back-and-forth banter doesn’t hurt the budding relationship, either.

I have to admit I went back-and-forth a dozen times with myself over whether Madison’s line should be “fourth-dimensional” or “four-dimensional.” Technically, I knew it should be “four-dimensional.” He immediately follows it with “two-dimensional,” and had it been any other dimension, such as “three-dimensional” or “nine-dimensional” I would have gone with cardinal rather than ordinal, no question. But dammit, when I actually wrote it into the word balloon as “four-dimensional” it just felt wrong. Lost all the impact and slightly creepy overtones that we’ve come to associate with the fourth dimension. So I went with what felt right. Read it in Rod Serling’s voice and you’ll see what I mean.

New Winter-Themed Votey!

(You’ll also find a high-rez version on Max’s Gumroad page in case you want all the pixels. A few coins in the hat would be most gracious.)

PLUS! A big plug for Joseph Kelly’s Pepperpot Piper, posting multiple holiday-themed pages and a fun fundraiser. Awesome stuff!

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Homework Sucks


I cannot believe the amount of homework kids get these days. It’s been some time since I’ve had to exert any Parental Supervision over the matter, but I know that both my boys had far more homework than I ever had as a kid, and I am fairly certain the situation has not diminished in the interim.

Back when I was in high school, we had homework, sure. You were supposed to do it, and you got in trouble if you didn’t. But they wouldn’t flunk you or anything. Good thing, too, because I did damn little of it. I liked school. I enjoyed classes. I used to take summer school voluntarily just because you could get a solid four hours of biology or chemistry and really get somewhere in the lab work. But I considered most homework to be pointless busywork and/or a tedious grind even back then, and from what I can see it’s even worse now. I think schools get panicky over falling student scores and think assigning more homework will somehow help, or at least shift the blame to the students and their parents.

Both my boys were bright kids. I knew that. They knew that. But both of them only got through high school by the skin of their teeth, despite their having received a better education than I got and despite them doing quite well on tests. See, they wouldn’t do their homework, and I – not about to be a hypocrite – refused to make them.

Yeah, my bad.

Max squeaked through with I believe two points to spare and got the hell out. His younger brother John was bringing home great test scores, so I figured things were fine until the administration called me in and told me they were holding him back from graduating for another year. When I asked why, they said it was because he hadn’t done his homework. Yes, he aced his tests. Yes, he obviously understood all the material. Didn’t matter. Under the new rules, homework was 70% of his grade, and he wouldn’t be allowed to graduate.

I thanked the administration and drove John straight to the GED offices, where of course he absolutely smoked the tests, coming in at the top 1/10th of 1%. He got his certificate and never looked back. I will give the school credit – both boys did get a very good education. Despite not doing their homework. So I’m grateful to the school and their teachers.

But homework still sucks.


— Bob out