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Kids In Jeopardy


Like any dad, seeing kids in danger makes me cringe. And it’s not just conditioning from years of working in animation, either. True, that was one of the big red flags in the business, but it had caveats. Kids could be in danger if it was accidental, or because of something unwise that they themselves had done. But a direct and deliberate threat of physical harm against kids, even by villains, was generally not permitted. About all we could do was threaten to “imprison them forever” or perhaps “enslave their minds.” Which almost seems worse when you really think about it, but that’s FCC logic for you.

There was a time when I used to chafe under these restrictions, because I was young and snotty and didn’t care about anything.

Then I had kids of my own.

Man, does that change your attitude.

I still haven’t seen Schindler’s List, mainly because I’ve heard it starts right out with a bunch of prisoners — including women and children — getting machine-gunned. Now, I realize this is all based on history and I’m not denying it happened in real life or anything, but I’m a dad. I can’t see that. Scenes like that just enrage me. I want to climb into the screen and stop it from happening and I can’t. That’s just how you get wired, once you become a dad. You get this sudden firmware update that puts you into protective overdrive, and even though both my boys are now fully grown, that instinct never really goes away.

Unfortunately, along with that protective instinct comes real life, and in real life accidents happen. Some of them can be nightmare fodder. I have a friend who was late for work, dashed from the house, jumped in the car, sped backward out of the garage, and came within a heartbeat of running over his own baby girl who had chased him out for a goodbye kiss. The worst didn’t happen, but my friend has never forgotten the terror as he slammed on the brakes at the last second.

As for myself, when Max-The-Artist was a toddler, we had gotten a load of firewood dumped in the driveway. Huge oak logs that I was tossing one-by-one into the garage for stacking while Max scampered around collecting sticks and twigs. I picked up one particularly large log and because it was so heavy, gave it an extra-hard sling. It went a bit too high, smashed against the top of the garage door frame, and rebounded off. It sailed within an inch of Max’s head and crunched into the driveway hard enough to crack the concrete. Max never even noticed, but I almost fainted on the spot. Another second, another inch… I don’t like to think about it. But I still do, sometimes, usually late at night when I wake up in a cold sweat.

I have other stories. All dads do. But that’ll do for now.

In real life, you do the best you can and just hope everything works out okay. Sometimes it doesn’t, because real life is out of your control. In real life, the worst can happen.

But this is a comic. Yes, there’s a kid in jeopardy, and from his own dad, even. But we’re running this show. This is our world.

And in our world – there are heroes.

— Bob out