The police tend to get a little exasperated when you throw firebombs at them. Especially when they’re also getting snarky remarks in their headset.

I’m sure this page took everyone by surprise. Who could have guessed that the leaking gas tank was going to erupt? Especially in this comic?

Love the rimlighting Max added to the characters. Not only helps bring them out of the background but gives them a real feeling of weight as well.

And hey, new Vote Incentive!

For those of you in the USA, I hope you had a good 4th of July weekend.

I did.

See below!



Some Guys Just Never Grow Out Of Putting Plastic Army Men On The BBQ Grill


And I am one of them. Since a reader was kind enough to send us a die-cast car a month or so back, we put it into the story just so we’d have a good reason to blow it up make it fall apart in an interesting manner. Shot it with three cameras, two set for lower-rez but slow-motion and the 4K camera shooting real-time but at high quality.

A small but reliable Lumix pocket camera was used to document the process for those who are interested. BTW, I did take the time to edit the thing, so it is a fairly crisp 2-1/2 minutes long if you decide to watch it.

The fact that it was all done over the fireworks-themed holiday made it seem even more appropriate.



Mmm. Burning plastic. It smells like… patriotism.


— Bob out


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