Teleporting hero envy.

And congrats to Max-The-Artist for getting the page done on his tablet computer while in airplanes, airports, hotels, and cars. He even uploaded the rough while on the road so I could add some bullet hits and other effects and then send it back to him. Dedication!

Artist’s Notes:  As Dad says, the bulk of the artwork for this week was done on the road- or more specifically- on the plane to and from Philadelphia.  Had a nice jaunt with the wife to visit her family in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Good times.  Used my Cintiq Companion, a kind of portable version of my home office setup. This was my first time attempting this kind of “oh, I’ll just work on the plane” workflow, and it’s a little scary how well it succeeded.  I actually finished this page earlier than usual- just now proudly bragged about it to my wife, and of course, she’s already planning our next trip.  Yeesh!


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Heroes For A New World


I always sort of wondered if Smallville got really pissed when big-city Metropolis poached their iconic Übermensch. (Yo, got the umlaut in there and everything!) These days they’d probably sue. I’m sure that deeper geeks than myself will let me know if that particular bit of civic discord was ever covered in the DC universe.

But I’m keeping it short today because by popular demand:

Yes! SECOND EARTH SPITFIRE is now a complete short story! It was never supposed to be more than a teaser, but quite a few people – including important people – people I happen to be married to – insisted that they wanted to read more. And honestly, after I’d read some of the comments (which inspired some story points) and thought about it for a while, it all sort of fell into place. It is deliberately pulp-hero style; nary a trope left unturned, but it was glorious fun to write. I started with a straight shot of Robert E. Howard, but added a big splash of Harry Harrison for the lulz.

Still not canon, of course, but dammit, it should be!

The complete story will be available for Kindle shortly!



— Bob out