Thanks for joining us! 3 Minute Max will resume next week with an all-new episode, but we wanted to use this week’s update for what we hope will be a forgivable bit of shameless pluggage. The first collected volume of 3 Minute Max — containing the episodes Heartbeats, Rush, and Fynch plus additional art and text — is now available in the store! Your choice of three formats — glorious, glossy, full-color print; or awesome electronic Kindle or ComiXology versions! We’re really quite proud of how this turned out, and if you’ve enjoyed Max’s artwork here on the web page, you’ll really appreciate seeing a high-rez version!

And just in time for holiday gift-giving too! Let Santa treat you to a copy!


Artist’s Notes:

As Dad says, its rare to have an opportunity to shamelessly plug- so I’m gonna go for it. 

This is 3 Minute Max as it was meant to be experienced.  Yes, you can read it online for free- and we’re grateful for that.  But lets face it, you’re seeing low res, web-optimized artwork, surrounded by ads, buttressed by blog.  You need to see the REAL story- in all it’s epic cinematic greatness.  This is what you’ve been waiting for all year: an official copy of the first print run of our debut comic book project, the 3 Minute Max graphic novel, available in print or digital download.  Let me take a minute to expound on the features and advantages of either format.  

The Print version is exquisite.  Each one is hand-signed by Writer Bob and Artist Max in stylish metallic ink.  And in order to really showcase the detail in the artwork, we opted for a larger print format of 8.5 x 11.  Additionally, and you’ll just have to trust me on this- I designed the pagination of 3MM with great care, to compliment the storytelling.  I do believe this adds a subtle dimension that you can’t appreciate digitally.  It’s awesome to behold in person.

The Digital versions are epic.  This is your chance to zoom in on all the detail.  The Hi-Res 3MM reading experience is here.  Think VHS vs. Blu-Ray… this is Blu-Ray.  Additionally, the Guided-View version is so finely-tuned with the reader-controlled scrolling interface, it’s like watching a movie.  Via Comixology or Kindle downloads.

So check out the Store… and Thanks for a great first year.