As stated before, we always had a pretty good time.  Here’s one of the short films we made while we were there. Just a spoof ad for one of our favorite energy drinks. There always seemed to be a slew of weapons lying around the place, but none of them were real. The pistol is an Airsoft gun, and the double-barrelled shotgun was actually a cheap plastic toy that I cut down, weighted with resin and metal to give it heft, and repainted for a more realistic look.


— Bob out.

Artist’s Notes:  The Youtube vid posted above stars my younger brother John and myself.

In panel 5 you can see the sliding garage door port.  One day I noticed wasps buzzing around and spotted a new wasp nest that had set up in the upper corner of the garage port.  I pointed it out to Dad and asked if we should tell the landlord.  You know, to get an exterminator or something.  Of course, the last thing we wanted was the landlord paying a visit.  So my Dad said, “I’ll handle it.”  He returned moments later with what he described as an “ice melter,” which, of course, was actually a flame thrower.  Before I could say, “Dad, don’t blast the wasp nest with the flame thrower in full view of the neighborhood,” he blasted the wasp nest with the flame thrower in full view of the nieghborhood.  While singing Kesha’s “Milkshake.”   The wasp nest popped and sizzled in the intense flames.

A month later the landlord drove by and started pounding on the door.  “What the fuck happened happened to the garage?!!” He pointed to the obvious, ludicrous scorch marks in the corner of the garage, where the nest had been.

Dad:  “Well, there was a wasp nest.”

Landlord:  “And!!??”

Dad:  “So I torched it with my flame thrower.”

The landlord was not expecting such an honest answer.  Stunned silent, wide eyed, he turned, unblinking, and went back to his car.

“DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!” he screamed as he peeled away.

Classic Unit K.  -Max