Gyreing Up

Like many freelancers, I never really feel fully employed unless I’m working at least three jobs at once. So it is with great pleasure that I add another project to the roster: a webnovel called The Turning City which you can find at the site I mentioned in an earlier post: GyreWorld. (UPDATE: Which, after two years and almost two hundred chapters, is finally concluding and will be published as an e-book, so I have removed the link for now.)

It’s a fantasy novel, not a comic, though it does have some small illustrations. So I don’t know how much crossover there will be between readers of 3 Minute Max and readers of GyreWorld, but the update schedule will be the same for both; Mondays and Thursdays.

GyreWorld is a joint project between myself and my sister Eve, who has published a couple of novels herself in the past, and with whom I worked on animated series such as Biker Mice from Mars and Legend of Zelda. We have similar writing styles (although hers is better) and thus our collaboration tends to be fairly seamless.

It is technically her book, but I got involved in the editing process, and found the world and characters she had created so intriguing that I began adding a whole slew of stuff to it myself. It is still an ongoing process, but you are invited to join us for the ride. By the way, if you spot any typos, do mention them in the comments — we’ve done our best to catch them all, but you know how it is with a project you’re too familiar with. Things slip through because you mentally fill in the blanks, you’ve been doing it so long. We’ll correct the typos, and then use the corrected version for eventual publication in more traditional media.

I read a few webnovels myself, such as Tales of Mu and The Flying Cloud, and I’m a voracious reader of some of the new e-novels coming out of Amazon’s self-publishing program.  (Let me take this moment to plug a few faves: Shelley Adina, Andrew Mayne, and Lindsay Buroker.) I’ve discovered that with many of these authors (especially the ones whose novels are ongoing adventures with the same characters) it’s better to consider the books as extended TV episodes rather than feature films. They’re fun and crisp, but won’t have the slick polish of a high-budget major production. On the other hand, they’re cheap and new ones come along every few months instead of years, so if you like them, there is always something fresh on the horizon.

Love me my Kindle Fire, by the way, and my Galaxy Note.  And it was with these e-readers in mind that the GyreWorld website was designed. Just zoom in the text in the middle, shoving the sidebars off the screen, and you can read comfortably on the train or bus into work, in bed before sleeping, or even on the toilet. We’ve kept the chapters nice and short (between one and ten print pages long, with the average about four) so you should be able to finish each one before your legs fall asleep.  🙂

And if fantasy novels about cute little mice-people, Death Churches, mechanical planets, and ravening horrors from beyond the Veil are not your thing — well, stick with us here at 3 Minute Max.

Because as you can probably tell, things are about to get brutal.

–Bob out.