Going To Town

Oh, hi!  Taking a break from playing the latest Call of Duty game you got for Christmas? Probably a present from Grandma, right? That’s the thing about Grandma. She gets you.

Actually, speaking of which, a lot of the effects on this page came about because we (as in John and I) were hired to create a bunch of effects for Call of Duty, and after we delivered what they needed, we went ahead and created some similar ones for ourselves. This is the first page where Max really let me go to town with the mayhem effects, and he indulgently permitted most of it to remain.

The workflow kinda went like this.  Max did a rough color version, seen in the thumbnail here:


And then I dove into it, doing rough dialogue balloons and pulling still frames from the vast library of effects on my machine and storing them in a special Folder’ O Mayhem. These effects were applied everywhere I thought they would lend that delicate je ne sais quoi to the drive-by, as seen in this second thumbnail.


And then the whole multi-layer PSD was sent electronically back to Max, who pushed his special Make-It-Look-Better button to create the end result at the top of this page.

By the way, as you can see: lots and lots of graphic violence, but no f-bombs in the dialogue.

Gotta keep it tasteful.

Bob out.