Crashing The Party

I was actually rather proud of the Vented Howitzer effect used for the tear gas grenade launcher.  Had to build a rather complicated mortar for that.  Several of them in fact, since it turns out that if you don’t get the holes just right all the gas escapes in the wrong directions.  Naturally, I could have just created the elements separately and stitched them together in post, but one gets obsessive after a certain point. It has to work, dammit!

Here’s an image of the effect by itself.



By the way, although it is a few months off yet, both Max and I will be attending San Diego Comic-Con. But not as exhibitors. We wanted to try to get a booth, mainly because All The Cool Kids Were Doing It. But as it turns out, getting a booth at Comic-Con requires arcane rituals of blood sacrifice and first-born sons. Which of course is perfectly reasonable, because dude, Comic-Con, but in our case, what with the first-born son being required for the production, it seemed self-defeating. Fortunately, both of us have more than enough professional credits outside this comic to be allowed in anyway. So we’ll be there.

If you see us, say Hi. I’m sure we’ll run into each other. After all, how many other people could there possibly be?

— Bob out

Artist’s Notes:  I’m rather proud of my artwork on this page.  Lots of fun shadows, gases, and crashes.  Nice crescendo at the end with the guy being thrown out the window as the SWAT team batters down the door.  I certainly enjoyed drawing it and I hope you enjoy viewing it.  See you at Comic-Con!  By the way, Bob’s only pretending to be a Con noob; we’ve both been to SDCC many times before. 🙂 – Max