A New Chapter

Technically, this is the cover page of Book Two, but for purposes of keeping the automated library organized, it will be referred to as Page One.

You may also note some stylistic changes to the comic. With the first book, I wrote the script, handed it off to Max with a few effects that I thought might be useful, and he took it from there. When he showed me the work-in-progress, I, as the Producer and Writer, naturally gave him some notes. Max took the notes, tossed them straight into the trash, and continued to do what he wanted to do. He also got tired of digging into the effects and simply created his own in most cases.

I’m not saying the end result wasn’t better for all of this, but the fact remains that I wanted more input in the final process. Part of the reason is that I had created a library of over 700MB of effects images, and it was growing quickly; and one of the reasons for doing the comic was cross-promotion between it and the effects website.

The other, more important reason was that Max had added touches to the artwork that I hadn’t expected when doing the original script.  The characters started to come alive, to have quirks and expressions, and I very much wanted to go back in and tweak things to bring out more of these nuances.

So starting with this book, Max began sending me the rough color drafts of the pages. I would drop them into Photoshop Elements (because I am a simple man) and add the dialogue to the panels, often changing things or embellishing them considerably, because of what I now saw in the artwork.  I would also stuff in as many effects as each scene could possibly hold.

The resulting PSD file was then sent to Max.  He would open it in his Photoshop Super Awesome Diesel-Powered Professional Version, scream about all the artwork I had covered up with new dialogue, and retaliate by deleting most of the effects.

But he did like the revised dialogue despite the space it took, so he just cleaned up the balloons, and left enough of the effects to keep me mollified.

Thus we established a process of retaliation via creativity.

Also known as “collaboration.”

Bob out.

Artist’s Notes:  Here we go, issue 2, no time to breathe in between.  Or is it book 2?  Wait, no, it was chapter 2.  But didn’t we originally call them episodes?  Anyway, looks like Max has got himself into some serious trouble… compare this cover to the cover of chapter/issue/book/episode 1.  I figured, “if one gun on the cover is good, then seven is great!”  -Max

EDIT:  In light of recent events, I’d like to take a moment to discuss gun violence.  To be perfectly honest, I’m of two minds about it.  Certainly on any normal day I’m down to watch an 80’s action flick with lots of innocent people getting killed- literally mowed down (its a compelling storytelling tool used throughout time), but after I saw friday’s news, I had to pause and really question the draw of it.  One wonders if today’s children and adults are harmed by overexposure of media violence.  Why then should it proliferate?  Should violent comics and media be censured?  And then, quickly, I remembered that the inspirational stories of 3MM and others are not solely about acts violence against the innocent, but rather are about those who would, with great vengeance, oppose those who would harm the innocent; and where the innocent are harmed, be there to enact swift and permanent justice- a cause for all moral beings.  It is in that spirit that we offer these works.  -Max