Crisis Strike

We’re deliberately playing Madison and Marissa a little on the excited side here. You always sort of wonder how these sort of teams get started with the Call To Action. Did Jeff Tracy feel a bit self-conscious the first time he intoned “Thunderbirds are GO!”? Did Virgil fall off the slide ramp? You know Gordon probably peed a little.

And at least they probably weren’t geeks.  Our two main techs here are both comic book nerds and they know that the situation requires strong posing and cool phrases. They’ve probably been secretly practicing in the bathrooms.

But even so, they probably weren’t entirely ready. Because this – this is where it gets real.  This is where the rubber meets the road, the chips fall where they may, and all the cool theory and hypothetical tech gets a big walloping dose of reality.

The person who probably has the best handle on it is Max himself. He’s a former Ranger, he knows how these things go down.


— Bob out.