Facing The Thundergun

Chances are you are reading this in January sometime, having wisely put off your consumption of webcomics until you are back at the office and getting paid for it. But if you are, in fact, reading this on Christmas — then a Merry One to you.

And if you are my mom, you should know that the page after this one is going to be violent as all hell.  Sorry about that, but we’ve got a story to tell.

As for me, I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, and that means I’m engaged in what has become my traditional Christmas Eve activity — namely paying a huge, hammering blast of electronic invoices for Annual Services.

There are a number of professional organizations and business applications that demand a yearly fee, and I’ve noticed that many of them — in an attempt to get at my wallet before the others deplete the contents — send me January’s bill during Christmas.  So instead of feeling quietly replete with joy and festivity, I instead feel like that guy in a zombie movie whose barricaded windows are starting to give way and ravening revenants are forcing their way inside to eat his brains.

But eventually I cudgel the last of them into a sullenly bubbling pulp with what remains of my checking account, and try to think about what else I could do to earn some money. Maybe another website! Yeah, that’s the ticket! I’ll sign up for GyreWorld.com right now!  Just a few bucks up front.

And an annual fee.

Bob out.