Meanwhile, at a local precinct…

Yay!  We get to start opening the story up a bit. Max has been attracting attention. More below the jump!


Archaic Formats


Remember VHS? You probably do, unless you’re really young. Going to the video-rental store (remember those?) and getting a crick in your neck from leaning your head sideways while walking along the aisles so you could read the box spines. Rewinding. Worrying about tape damage. We still have a bunch of old home movies on VHS, which is kind of a problem because we haven’t actually had a VHS player in at least ten years. A while back (before DVD) I converted a bunch of them to digital and backed them up on CD-ROMS. In Indeo5 format. That turned out to be a mistake, because a few years later Macs stopped supporting that codec when they switched over to Intel chips. Fortunately even though I couldn’t play them I could upload them to YouTube. It’s not a solution I like, but it worked. For now.

Reminds me of the time when my sister wanted copies of a couple of her old Biker Mice From Mars scripts. I was the story editor, so I had backups. I always keep backups. I have a fire safe just for backups. So I opened the safe and dug down deep into the Biker Mice strata and pulled out a manila envelope containing — 5-1/4″ floppies! Each containing a massive 360K of old scripts written in MovieMaster. Good Lord. I had to mail the things off to a friend in Texas who collects obsolete computer equipment. Neither he nor I had MovieMaster any more, but he was able to send them as ASCII files which I was able to manually reformat. What a pain.

But I’m learning. Whenever I can, I convert something I want to keep into analog format. Pictures? Printed. My daily journal? Hardcopy. There are electronic versions too, stored off in the Cloud, but I want a version that can still be accessed even after the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Because you never know what they’re going to take away next.

Gotta go, my trusty Gmail Notifier is alerting me to a new message. Love that little thing. Simple, reliable; you know it’s just gonna be around forever.

–Bob out