Badass guardian spirits actually get annoyed when the threat runs away.

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Spirit of Cooperation


Shawn Gustafson, who scribes the terrific webcomic The Specialists, wrote some kind words about 3 Minute Max on his Facebook page. Thus it will be my pleasure to return the favor here, although I am not sure how necessary it is since according to our stats, many of you actually come here after reading The Specialists.

And if it freaks you out that we know that, well, welcome to the age of Big Brother, baby!

But for those of you who were not aware, The Specialists (written by Shawn and illustrated by Al Fukalek) is a fun and thought-provoking comic postulating the existence of an “Avengers“-like team of superheroes assembled during WWII. Which sounds simple enough — but is it? This was America during the 1940s, when things like racism and misogyny were not only commonly accepted but in many places had the force of law. Add in a penitent Nazi and an angry, violent drunk who is nonetheless the only leader the brass will accept since he is at least white and male, and you can imagine the conflicts that arise even before they face the Nazis — who are, of course, creating a super-powered team of their own.

It is an excellent read, especially if you buy the books. (I did!) WWII comics just have to be read on paper. These little tactile nuances are important.

(BTW — the original title of this post was “Tit for Tat” except I accidentally wrote “Tits for Tats” by mistake, and then got intrigued and did a Google image search for that with the SafeSearch filter off. Yeah. About what you’d expect.)

Oh, and I notice that over there in the right-hand column under “Allies” we’re currently right on 99 FB followers. Anyone feel like pushing us into triple digits? How about you?

Ah. Sorry, I see you’re busy Googling “Tits for Tats” with the SafeSearch filter off. Well, maybe when you’re done.

Welcome to the age of Big Brother, baby!

— Bob out


Additional pluggage! Max did the storyboard for the latest Lady Gaga video.