You just never know what’s going to show up on security camera footage.

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A Sudden Jump


The character of Madison in the 3 Minute Max comic is partially — the Marvel/DC geek part — based on an assistant I used to have. I was working as a “Supervising Producer” on an animated CGI show — a position which sounds far more exalted than it actually was. And for some reason  my boss assigned me an assistant; probably to keep an eye on me. I’d never had an assistant before, and I must say it was kind of nice.

My assistant’s name was Craig Kyle, and he was a young man who was totally on the ball, all the time. Anything I wanted, he could get or make happen, and on his own time he ran a thriving side business selling comic book memorabilia on eBay. His knowledge of Marvel and DC lore was beyond vast. And he was funny and witty. I freely admit I stole many of his casual quips to put into scripts.

So it was no surprise that after the show was over and we all moved on, that he ended up at Marvel. And they, recognizing a good thing when they saw it, made him an executive. A die-hard Wolverine freak, he pitched and was allowed to create the character X-23, along with serving as a consultant of all things Marvel in the live-action movies.

And then one day I heard he’d quit. I was a bit concerned, but it’s okay. Apparently he couldn’t stay in his current position and be allowed to write the next Thor movie.

Talk about somebody perfect for the job. I am, of course, pleased for him.

Totally thrilled. Nobody more deserving. I’m betting it’ll be awesome.

Ahem. Here’s a word you should know if you are ever in the entertainment business: Gluckschmerz. Learn it. Accept it. Because it happens. A lot. You have to learn to deal.

God dammit, Craig. Weasels of jealousy gnaw at my gut, but I couldn’t be happier for you.

Fetching my own coffee now, but I’ll be there opening day!

— Bob out