Happy New Year and welcome back to 3 Minute Max – Crisis Strike!

As a number of readers have speculated might happen, Max is indeed doing a literal flashback to Crisis Strike HQ in order to pump out some heartbeats, flush a little lactic acid, oxygenate the red cells, and get a fresh jolt of brain juice. He’s also grabbing the oxyacetylene welding equipment seen at the beginning of this ep — seems he’s got a plan in mind!

Oh, and it also involves a mop bucket full of slime, but not entirely by choice. Sometimes you gotta work with what’s available.

More below!


A Quick Pit Stop


In case you were wondering how our Holiday Break went, it is currently forty-five minutes until this comic goes live and I am still waiting for Max to send the final art for this page. Of course, I was frantically working on it myself yesterday, well into the evening, so it’s not like either of us have been slacking. And we did get some good work done on roughs and general planning for the next few pages. But it is just the nature of Holiday Breaks — you have this idea that you are going to build up this huge buffer and get some breathing room, and it doesn’t actually happen. Life (and doing fun guest art for other comics) just gets in the way.

I’m not really worried though. Max always comes through. The Vote Incentive art may take a bit longer, but hey, first things first.

Still, if the idea of the Holiday Break was to get a brief respite from pressure and come back revitalized, that it did do. Max and I got to spend some Family Time together instead of Work Time, festivities were enjoyed, and I am ashamed to say a certain number of unnecessary calories were consumed. I’ve been trying to find that Magic Spot on the floor where the bathroom scale registers about seven pounds lighter — you know the spot, you probably have one yourself — but it seems to have vanished. All I can find is the Jovian Gravity Zone, and that’s too grim to be borne, at least without squinching my eyes half shut while checking the readout. Still, that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for.

On the upside, I’m really quite jazzed about our plans for the next few pages. I hope the weather cooperates, because I’ve got some special stuff to shoot if I possibly can. It’s going to be as busy as Crisis Strike HQ around here for a while, so stay with us! Should be a spectacular 2015!

— Bob out

Addendum: And at 29 minutes to deadline, the page comes in! That’s my boy. We are living the Countdown moniker!