Max-the-Artist has done a cool little video describing an adjustment to Marissa’s expression just before we posted.  Check it out!

Happy Holidays!

So, I’m sure the very first things you noticed were those cool spark effects, hunh!? Yeah, down there, at the bottom of the… those are real, you know — no, I mean the sparks… oh never mind.

Coming up! We’ll be getting into the technobabble of lightsaber-ish construction theory, none of which would probably work in real life but I did at least try to give it some thought. That will be happening after the holidays, however. We’re also participating in the Collective of Heros “Secret Santa” Guest Art Exchange, so check the blog below for a fun piece of 3 Minute Max guest art done by one of the other Collective artists!

We — like most webcomics — will now be taking a short Holiday Break, since stats show that traffic dives into the floor during the holidays, starting with Christmas Week. (I think people mostly read webcomics when they are avoiding Real Work or school.) But this seemed like a nice shot to hold on for a while, and never fear, we’ll be returning on the 6th of January to pick up where we left off!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen them already, there’s some cool free “Strike Gate” wallpapers in the “Wallpaper” section of the top menu.

AAAAAND — Here’s the “Secret Santa” guest art! This was done by the talented Kenn Minter of Tales of the Emerald Yeti and we love it! Kind of like if 3 Minute Max was being done in a campy “Archer”-style.


 And if you’d like to see Max’s own “Secret Santa” art, go here!

Bob plans to use the holiday to update some plugins, which always have the potential to crash things. Have a great holiday, and see you on the 6th!