Rules of the Strike Gate (so far)

#1 The Strike Gate will not teleport metals, nor electronics, nor your soul.

#2 As long as the power stays on, the Strike Gate will extract everything it initially sent, but nothing else.

#3 If power is cut, anything that was sent will remain sent and can no longer be extracted.


So any gear that’s not coming back gets sent on ahead. Kinda like FedExing your swag home from a Con.


Cool. Feels kinda like the informative act-break images in Attack On Titan.  (A title which I’ve never quite understood, BTW; seems like it should be Titans.) (Though to be fair, I once directed a Beast Wars episode which I insisted upon titling Code of Hero rather than Code of a Hero. But I had sound reasons for this, namely: Code of Hero sounds moar awesomer.)


More below!





The Strike Team springs into action! Lotsa steam atmospherics and of course Marissa bringing up 3-D schematics of the building on her computer; a trope in such common usage that no one even questions it any more. Although to be fair, Los Angeles City Hall has undergone so many retrofits for earthquake protection, riot protection, handicapped access, and other security and safety requirements over the years it probably does have a complete digital mockup somewhere. And assuming that, someone like Marissa could easily access it. Meanwhile, Madison is translating the coordinates into 4th-dimensional space-time equations in his head, and Sharma is loading the syringes as Max easily assumes command. A former Staff Sergeant, he’s likely more comfortable in these kind of situations than he is in his new apartment.

And Eekto’s probably fascinated by all of this.

Speaking of teamwork:

Max had an early birthday party last night. He was a Halloween baby, which kinda made choosing the theme for his birthday celebrations fairly simple over the years.  (Here I am speaking of Max-the-artist, but what the hell, we may as well claim our hero’s birthday on Halloween as canon. It kinda fits with the whole deadvision thing.)

Anyway, great party, and impressive decorations. Yard strung with orange lights, skeletons erupting from the ground, cabinets full of potions, and nine zillion little spiders hung everywhere on an intricate lacing of fishing line. I was impressed with the decorations and told him so. Asked him how he had managed to do them all.

“I didn’t” he said. “I married the right woman and got out of her way.”

Yep. The Virgil Cicerone method. Good to see.

Bob out


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