Awesome! Now we can hang ourselves before we burn to death!

But this, of course, is just Stage One of Max’s rapidly-forming plan.

You will notice that after the earlier discussion of certain pulp heroes, our indulgent artist has ensured that Holbeck’s shirt is indeed getting appropriately shredded and his skin tone is developing a bronze hue. This is just for fun; Max is still the hero of the story, but Holbeck is earning a distinct Supporting Actor role. And alert pulp fans will notice my choice of moniker for the previously unnamed aide. (I would have used “Dent” but Two-Face has for the most part taken possession of that surname in illustrated literature.)

Sure, we’ve got our specific story to tell, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way.

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A Sudden Change


Holbeck’s reaction to the startling appearance of the rope is somewhat similar to my own reaction when I woke up to discover that it was an hour earlier than I thought it was. I use my phone, Ellen, as a bedside clock, and of course Ellen, being much smarter than I am, knew that Daylight Savings Time had ended and had adjusted herself accordingly.

I was vaguely aware that this would be happening, but it still caught me off guard. My various computers also had made the adjustments on their own, and hopefully this comic has updated promptly at midnight EST as it was supposed to. But I myself felt like I had missed a step somewhere.

Well, of course, part of the extra hour is used to wander around the house finding those various clocks apparently manufactured back in the Stone Age using quartz technology and trying to remember what obscure pattern of buttons must be pressed to adjust their displays to reflect the new “correct” hour. You’d think I could just blow this part off, but no – it turns out that the entire family still uses the clock on the microwave as a primary timepiece, especially when they are headed for work. So if I’m going to adjust that one, I may as well do the oven and coffeemaker and the “antique” chiming mantlepiece clock with its cherrywood finish and swinging pendulum and battery-powered internal quartz mechanism manufactured by Seiko.

But I myself am not so easy to adjust, and I know from experience that the dogs – whose own internal clocks know Suppertime to the exact second – will find the unexpected delay in dinner extremely distressing. So I may not understand it, but I will just accept that for some reason this fragmentary bit of worldwide jet-lag is somehow a Good Thing, even though I notice that Arizona has somehow managed to survive without it. Maybe the phones they have in Arizona are just not as clever as Ellen.

All I know is extra hour just showed up in my morning, and like our trapped victims here in the building, the sudden appearance seems like a good thing, but it’s not quite clear what is supposed to be done with it.


Stay tuned!

— Bob out