The girl’s showers have that strawberry-scented body wash.



Small Bossy Women


If you are a male; more specifically a male who falls, more or less, into the “big galoot” category (larger than average, fairly clumsy and clueless) then you are probably already aware that you will be beset at every turn by Small Bossy Women.

Small Bossy Women are a force of nature, set upon this earth for the singleminded purpose of finding the largest male in any vicinity and latching onto him like a particularly determined border collie, pushing him around, telling him what to do, and making demands. Small bossy women cannot help it. It is programmed into them from birth. If you have seen Meryl Stryfe laying into Vash the Stampede in the Trigun series, you will have the general idea.

I’m not huge but I’m larger than average, and I have noticed that if I attend any social function in which I am the largest guy in the room, the smallest, bossiest female in that same room will make a beeline straight for me, bristling with indignation that I have been allowed to roam unsupervised for this long. There may be other small bossy females in the same room, but they will always defer to the smallest and bossiest, as this is how Things Must Be. On more than one occasion the smallest and bossiest female will only be in the single digits, age-wise, but this will not stop her from critiquing how I look, what I do, how I walk, and what I am trying to eat at the buffet. Demands will also be made for cake.

I don’t mind. Rather like a lost bull, I’m actually rather relieved when a yappy little Corgi shows up who seems to know what she’s doing and chases me back to the trail. I’ve grown so used to small bossy women that I have even been known to marry them on occasion.

Small Bossy Women have their downsides, but even as they are critical of whatever male they have taken into their charge, they are just as quick to leap to his defense if they perceive any outside attack or abuse.

On this and previous pages, we’ve been able to see Marissa exhibiting both these qualities.

I knew there was a reason I liked her.

— Bob out