Police report: “Suspect’s blood refused to cooperate with our investigation.”

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When Max and I get together on Sundays, one of the things we invariably discuss is how weirdly prescient our readers can be sometimes. From the very beginning, we had intended that “whatever the Strike Gate sends, it retrieves upon extraction, no matter how scattered it has become in the meantime. And anything it didn’t send it leaves behind.” Partly this was our way of preventing easy solutions, like our hero being able to show up with medical supplies, or being able to grab hold of something and teleport away with it. We also figured it would make it so our hero left nothing behind, not even fingerprints (although he’s wearing gloves anyway, so moot point.) Visual records, property damage, dead bodies, footprints in other people’s blood — sure, there would be plenty of evidence he’d been there, but none that he brought with him.

Thing is, although we planned this, I have gone back over everything previous and I swear we never actually said that anywhere. But somehow, a few readers appear to have already grasped it via some sort of clairvoyant connection. Amazing. Big ups to them, and a solid high-five from Max and myself!

Nonetheless, here we have started to actually establish this in canon (as it were) to the astonishment of our azure-eyed detective. Stay tuned!

— Bob out