Looks like Sophie’s up to something…





Making A Splash

My Sainted Mother once told me that when I was small, one of the ways she would keep me occupied while she worked in the kitchen was to put me on the floor in a diaper and set down a cake pan full of water and let me splash in it. (Yes, I’ll be passing that tip along to the caregivers in the Home when I get back to the diaper-wearing stage.) Of course she had to mop up the water afterward.

So when my wife and I were doing the kitchen floor in our current home we deliberately did it in unglazed brick, specifically so we could entertain our boys in this manner. Didn’t even have to mop up afterward; the water just soaks in and then dries.

So when it came time to do splash effects, I naturally called upon my earliest childhood memories to help create them. A shallow black pan filled with water, smacked with a black stick to make a splash. Such as this one, one of several used in Panel 3.


And of course much water thrown around in various ways over various surfaces and filmed for other panels. Because you can’t play with fire¬†all the time. Naturally, all these effects were tweaked and color-corrected and generally Max-imized by the artist for the final version, but it is still fun to be part of the process.

And yep, it is still fun to splash in a shallow pan of water. With or without a diaper.

–Bob out