First off, if you are reader of Not A Villain and came over here to see who we are, welcome! It’s a pleasure, and we hope you decide to stick around! Kind of the nice thing about webcomics; it’s not really a zero-sum game. Reading a new comic doesn’t mean you have to stop reading any previous ones. In fact, I’ve added NAV to my own reading list.

For those who don’t know: there’s a site called ComicMix which is having a webcomics contest. The first round positioned 3 Minute Max against Not A Villain, which is a well-established and popular comic with a huge fan-base of rabid vote-maniacs. Now, I think the first round is already over; the page is a little glitchy and it is kind of hard to tell.

In any case, if you are feeling in a vote-casting mood, it’s a safer bet over here. Plus you get to have a drink with Marissa, who is probably in a rebound mood right about now.

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Burden of Responsibility


Regarding today’s page, there might be a certain amount of validity in claiming that – in a comic about a teleporting hero who stops his own heart, sees dead people, and recently survived being blown through the wall of a skyscraper – this page is nevertheless the biggest stretch of one’s credulity. I mean, who the hell would turn down that offer?

Well, someone who has been in command situations, probably. Our hero is well aware that Marissa could be teasing/testing him. Even if she’s not, he’s just had the existence of his supernatural girlfriend fairly well confirmed, at least in his own mind. Gotta give some priority there.

Not to mention that Marissa has other shyly interested parties on the team, and the last thing the wise warrior wants is to tick off the technician handling the Strike Gate switches.

So yeah. It happens. In fact, I remember a similar situation happening to myself many years ago. Except it was a bit different, in that the car was nowhere near as cool, the girl was blonde, and I — well, I totally caved. Not my finest moment, really.

But I did get the artist for this comic out of it. So there’s that.

— Bob out