Our hero is a mess. For that matter, so is the Strike Gate, after backporting all the soot, CO2, water vapor, uncombined gas molecules and other explosion residue. Some serious repair work called for in both cases. And apparently the job’s not over.

There is time for a drink, however!  St. Paddy’s-themed Vote Incentive!

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Battered and Fried


I’m awfully hard on my heroic characters sometimes. Even in this particular story, where Max hasn’t had to actually kill anybody, he still ends up bashed and burned. And if you ever read The Owl (or for that matter, GyreWorld) you’ll know that painfully pummeling the protagonist just seems to be part of my creative process. Although to be fair, a lot of the primary-character punishment in GyreWorld was scribed by my sister, who apparently shares my proclivities.

It’s probably an Irish thing. Or possibly not, but saying so allows me to segue into the fact that St. Paddy’s is one of my favorite times of year. I stay away from the drinking part these days, but I will indulge in the occasional Shamrock Shake. And since St. Paddy’s tends to coincide with things like Lent and Passover, various culinary indulgences like gefilte fish, coconut-covered marshmallows, and fried cod sandwiches tend to be offered at discount prices. All guilty pleasures. I’m afraid that, yes, I do myself some damage during this period. But it is fun damage, unlike what is pictured above.

I’m a person who has to go on a diet after Lent.

And I’ll be plenty hard on myself at that point, you may be sure.

But for for right now, Sláinte, pass the potatoes, and fire up the Boondock Saints!

— Bob out