Detective Letoa arrives in a suitably bad-ass fashion! I think it’s safe to say that the commandeered motorcycle isn’t going to be returned intact. For that matter, neither is our hero.

Oh, and let me be the first to confess that I myself have, in the past, been a stern critic of people touching down in that “three-point landing” seen in Panel Two. I know full well it’s a lousy way to actually absorb an impact. Especially in heels. However, there can be no denying that it looks cool as hell, reads well even in silhouette, and nicely flaunts a woman’s figure if she has one, which Letoa does. So three-point landing it is.

Not that Chief Polacek is appreciating it at the moment. Poor guy. Not only does he have a raging building fire to deal with, but the sky keeps raining maniacs. And this one seems intent, for some damn reason, on arresting Max’s corpse!

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Collaring Credit


I once worked on an animated series whose lead character was most notable for having a green mullet. It did fairly well. However, one of the producers on the show was infamous for trying to claim credit for almost everything on which they gave input. Most producers know that the title “Producer” means that giving input is all part of the job description, but this producer – possibly fairly inexperienced at the time – wanted shared credit on everything. I’m sure that no matter what field you’re in, you’ve experienced people like this.

I mention this only because lately, Max-The-Artist and I have been using videoconferencing to work out the details of upcoming pages. We sit in our respective offices and fire up the G-whatever — GChat or Google Hangout or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days — and try to pin down the best way to translate the script into images. This means that I get to see whatever Max is sketching on his Cintiq, and he sees a webcam image of me, or occasionally Shiva’s butt, cats being what they are. It may be debated which image he prefers.

However, in the case of this particular page, the ability to have video was particularly useful. Because it allowed me to exercise my own creative genius to the fullest. The video conference went something like this:


Max: So, did you have anything particular in mind for this page?

Me: Actually, yeah. I was thinking like one big panel with a couple of smaller insets where Letoa does her entrance. (I flip over the script and scribble on the back with a Sharpie and then hold up the result to the webcamera.) Kinda like this, y’know?


Max: (tired voice) Okay, yeah. I’ll see what I can do.


That was, I swear, the sum total of the conference. And that scribble above is an actual scan of what I held up to the camera. Judging from the final page, you can clearly see that the quintessential aesthetic of the work was indisputably a result of my own efforts. I mean, Max helped polish it up a little, but let’s face it, this one’s all me.

Right? Right?

I think it’s time to update the credits.

— Bob out