Women and children first!

Except that one of the women is a reporter who may be terrified but still refuses to leave the story of a lifetime. I like to think that she and Holbeck are having a furious squabble up there as he’s trying to get everyone down the zipline. You know how it goes. Assuming they both survive, they’ll probably end up dating.

Meanwhile, our hero is dead, damaged, scorched, smoking — and if that weren’t enough, it sounds like more trouble coming his way!

Oh, and hey! Turns out my agent’s assistant is one of our regular readers, so a big 3MM shout-out to Ed at the Dravis Agency! Because we all know who really runs the office, right?

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

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Battle of Wills


A few months ago, I discovered there was something living in my rosemary bushes, stealing the bread I’d been putting out for the squirrels. When I tried to investigate it made a spirited attempt to kill me, so I assumed it was a wolverine. Some effort and much blood (mine) later, it turned out to be a feral cat. A feral kitten, actually, although given how much damage it managed to inflict on me, I was surprised to learn that it was only six weeks old and weighed only slightly more than a pound.

Female, extremely scruffy, tortoiseshell-type. Vicious as hell. Exploded into hissing, spitting, scratching, biting fury every time I tried to approach. Naturally I could not have such a thing living in my bushes.

So I moved it into my office instead. Welding gloves are a great invention, let me tell you. Named her Shiva, after the Hindu God of Destruction.

Many vet bills and band-aids later, Shiva and I are still negotiating terms, but progress has been made. At least she has – for now – decided to let me live. She’s about six months old at this point and while she’s gained some weight, she’s still a scruffy alley-cat in appearance and probably always will be. I’m okay with that. At least she’s had all her shots now and been spayed, so I feel like even if she bolts out the door at some point and vanishes, I’ve done some good anyway.

And I’m getting an invaluable education in dealing with headstrong females with their own agenda who don’t want to be rescued unless it’s on their terms.

Kind of like the characters on this page. But at least I’m not a smoking heap of wreckage.

Yet. Shiva’s probably working on it. God forbid she figures out how to use my flamethrower.

— Bob out